Though Vile as He: A Thanksgiving Message

Nothing gets my blood pumping more than when I hear about serious child abuse/neglect, especially when it’s sexual abuse or when it leads to immense suffering or death. To me, these offenders are among the most depraved people on earth, along with ISIS. (more…)


Working on a Holiday

No one likes to work on a holiday. Especially when that holiday is a Thanksgiving or Christmas. Those two holidays are traditionally reserved for time spent with family and friends. So when many retail outlets such as Walmart and Target announced that they will be at least partially open on Thanksgiving Day, some were naturally upset since the decision to do business on a holiday means employees have to come in and work on a culturally sacred holiday instead of being at home with loved ones. While I certainly have empathy for those who have to work on a holiday (I’ve missed a few myself during my six-years in the Army), lets not forget that there are a lot of people who would probably enjoy an opportunity to work on a holiday right now: (more…)