What Does Brittany Maynard’s Self-Murder Proclaim?


A young Oregon woman stricken with a brain tumor has ended her own life this weekend with the aid of doctors. Two questions come to mind when I learned of this terrible news. First, what does the bible say about suffering? And second, what does Ms. Maynard’s suicide (self-murder) proclaim? (more…)


BCS Title Game – Observations

Here are some admittedly biased observations from a Ducks fan after watching the BCS National Championship Game:

  1. Think of all of the crazy Auburn and Oregon fans that you know. Have any of them ever taken a single course at their respective school? I know I haven’t.
  2. From a size perspective, Auburn looked like a slightly undersized NFL team while Oregon looked like an oversized 5A high school team. Yet they matched up surprisingly well with a marginal edge going to the Tigers.
  3. Cam Newton didn’t have his best day. He threw an interception, lost a fumble, made several overthrows to wide-open receivers, and was bottled up for most of the game. (more…)