Huffington Post Article Destroyed in 12 Minutes


Our culture is all about fake intellect, combined with fake morality, combined with fake tolerance. Thankfully, God has given us men like Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries. It took him precisely 12 minutes and 3 seconds to utterly destroy¬†Cavan Sieczkowski’s article at the Huffington Post. (more…)


How Do Homeschoolers Perform In College?

The Huffington Post is not exactly a conspiracy-driven, right-wing blog. So when they publish an article that paints homeschooling in a positive light, people should take note. The article cites a study by the National Home Education Research Institute that says that homeschooled students graduate college at a higher rate than non-homeschooled students: 66.7% versus 57.5%. The article also contends that homeschooled college students are better socialized as well. (more…)