Patriots vs. Broncos – Post Game Thoughts

The Patriots beat the Broncos 41-23. Here are some post-game thoughts:

  1. The Broncos started the game extremely strong, scoring on their first 3 possessions. This is in contrast to the slow starts of previous games.
  2. Tim Tebow had good throws most of the game. There were a handful of throws (mainly to his right) that were off-target.
  3. Tebow proved how dangerous he can be outside the pocket, especially when rolling to his left. (more…)

The San Diego Chargers: A Statistical Mystery

Herein lies a mystery:

With one week to go in the regular season, the San Diego Chargers will play their final game against my Denver Broncos. The Chargers have the second-ranked offense in total yards per game (392.1) and the first-ranked defense in total yards allowed per game (267.2). They also rank 4th in scoring (27.2 points per game) and 8th in points allowed (19.6). Despite all of their success in these four major statistical categories, they lack in the most important category–victories. The Chargers’ current record is 8-7 and they were eliminated from playoff contention last week when they lost to Cincinnati. (more…)