Castle Doctrine Laws Are Not to Blame

Most have heard of the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin. His alleged shooter is George Zimmerman, captain of the local community watch in an Orlando suburb. Let us not involve ourselves in a knee-jerk reaction and seek to restrict castle doctrine laws around the country. (more…)


Letter to My State Senator: Campus Carry

[Sent February 19, 2012]

Dear Ms. Nelson:

I recently moved to the DFW area and am trying to get to know my State Senator and Representative. I would like to know if you supported the recent bill that went into effect last September that allows employees to keep concealed firearms (more…)

Chairs Versus Guns

Fox news published an article on their website today:

Witnesses testified that a gunman wearing an Army combat uniform shouted “Allahu Akbar!” — which is Arabic for “God is great!” — and started shooting in a small but crowded medical building where deploying soldiers get vaccines and other tests. The gunman fired rapidly, pausing only to reload, even shooting some people as they hid under tables or fled the building, witnesses said. Witnesses say the gunman fatally shot two people who tried to stop him by throwing chairs, and killed three soldiers who were protecting civilian nurses, according to testimony.

It would have taken only one soldier with a Concealed Handgun License to stop this madness. Instead, soldiers were gunned down at point-blank range. Soldiers had to resort to futile efforts of hiding under desks and throwing chairs. THROWING CHAIRS???? (more…)