What’s Wrong With Violence Against Women?

Christians have to identify the inconsistency right away—making absolute moral claims without an absolute authority. Why is it wrong for men to to be violent towards women? Are we not just evolved animals? What right does one animal have to impose morality on another? Fortunately as Christians, we have an absolute moral authority to which we can appeal. It is God who has made men and women in His image. When a person violates a woman’s (or man’s) body, the person violates an image-bearer of God. It is wrong because God has declared so. A worldview without God leads to moral and intellectual absurdity.


Gay Pride Indoctrination Video Deleted… and Recovered


Isn’t it frustrating when a controversial video is posted and then the user removes the video? That’s what seemed to happen here.

A couple of days ago, I posted an article about an Oakland elementary school where kindergartners were being indoctrinated about gay pride by school officials. Yesterday the video was deleted from YouTube by its user, Howard Kong. Sensing the controversial nature of the video, I saved a copy of it before Mr. Kong had a chance to remove the evidence. (more…)

Kindergarten Students Taught About Gay Pride


Remember kindergarten school assemblies? They used to have McGruff, “The Crime Dog,” educate kids about suspicious characters. Or Smokey Bear warning kids about the dangers of forest fires. But society has moved on. Progressed. Public schools like Glenview Elementary in Oakland, California are now indoctrinating our five and six year-old children about gay pride. In this assembly, the speaker can be heard encouraging the kids to celebrate families with two moms, two dads, or even four moms. (more…)

Cliven Bundy: Wrong Nationality

This Tweet of the Day is prompted by the Bundy Ranch saga over in Nevada.

Three Common Objections from Abortion Supporters

My son, Caleb, at 24 weeks.

My son, Caleb, at 24 weeks.

In honor of National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, I want to share three common objections (and answers to these objections) that I see when interacting with abortion supporters (people who typically describe themselves as “pro-choice”). (As an aside, no one would make a distinction between actually supporting thievery itself and supporting a thief’s choice to steal… but I digress.) (more…)

Disarmed on the Homefront

A soldier in Iraq.

Leland Lavoie in Iraq. Image courtesy of Tony Alter.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers are armed with machine guns, tanks, and helicopters. Under the most stressful of circumstances, they must identify friend or foe and decide whether or not to engage while complying with the UCMJ, Geneva Conventions, Army regulations, and any special orders. Soldiers spend over a year at a time in a combat theater of operations while carrying their M16/M4 with a full loadout of 210 rounds. Often, a soldier carries his weapon everywhere– to the chow hall, barber shop, and Post Exchange. He even sleeps with his weapon.


Fetus Feels Pain at Eight Weeks

Dr. Condic testifies before Congress that the consensus of the scientific and medical community is that a fetus feels pain by eight weeks.

A 20 Week Old Fetus Is A Human Being

At 20 weeks, the fetus’s heart beats strong. He can feel pain, hear mom and dad’s voices, and moves about in the womb. He is a human being. While Texas SB5 would pretty much ban abortions after 20 weeks, there is a significant number of people in the Texas legislature who believe it is a woman’s constitutional right to kill and dismember a fetus, even after 20 weeks. (more…)

Clarence Thomas: “Diversity for Its Own Sake Is A Nonstarter”

Justice Clarence Thomas on today’s Supreme Court decision to send an affirmative action case back to a lower court for review:

Attaining diversity for its own sake is a nonstarter. As even Grutter (a previous Supreme Court case) recognized, the pursuit of diversity as an end is nothing more than impermissible “racial balancing.” … Rather, diversity can only be the means by which the University obtains educational benefits; it cannot be an end pursued for its own sake. Therefore, the educational benefits allegedly produced by diversity must rise to the level of a compelling state interest in order for the program to survive strict scrutiny.

How Do Homeschoolers Perform In College?

The Huffington Post is not exactly a conspiracy-driven, right-wing blog. So when they publish an article that paints homeschooling in a positive light, people should take note. The article cites a study by the National Home Education Research Institute that says that homeschooled students graduate college at a higher rate than non-homeschooled students: 66.7% versus 57.5%. The article also contends that homeschooled college students are better socialized as well. (more…)