What’s Wrong With Violence Against Women?

Christians have to identify the inconsistency right away—making absolute moral claims without an absolute authority. Why is it wrong for men to to be violent towards women? Are we not just evolved animals? What right does one animal have to impose morality on another? Fortunately as Christians, we have an absolute moral authority to which we can appeal. It is God who has made men and women in His image. When a person violates a woman’s (or man’s) body, the person violates an image-bearer of God. It is wrong because God has declared so. A worldview without God leads to moral and intellectual absurdity.

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  1. one of the Chris's

     /  September 22, 2014

    Yup, you got it bro. Push the antithesis with an unbeliever and all of their standards and presuppositions are completely arbitrary.
    But praise God we have revelation from the standard Himself, the omniscient creator who has given us His word so that we might have a true and righteous plumbline by which we can truly view our world.


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