How Do Homeschoolers Perform In College?

The Huffington Post is not exactly a conspiracy-driven, right-wing blog. So when they publish an article that paints homeschooling in a positive light, people should take note. The article cites a study by the National Home Education Research Institute that says that homeschooled students graduate college at a higher rate than non-homeschooled students: 66.7% versus 57.5%. The article also contends that homeschooled college students are better socialized as well.

A homeschooled child learns how things were made back in the "olden days." Image courtesy: Susy Morris

A homeschooled child learns how things were made back in the “olden days.” Image courtesy: Susy Morris

The academic performance of homeschooled students should come as no surprise. Individual instruction is almost always better than group instruction. In a group setting, you have to teach to the common denominator. A teacher can’t slow it down for the bottom 10 percent without frustrating the upper half. Likewise, if the teacher caters his teaching to the top 10 percent, he loses the bottom half of his kids. Homeschooling allows the parent to adjust based on how strong or weak her kid is in a given area. Maybe she has to slow it down for little Johnny while he learns how to spell, but since he’s a whiz at math, Mom can breeze through long-division and go straight to pre-algebra.

Nothing beats the individualized instruction of a caring mom and dad, no matter how much money the government spends on education (which is well over $10K per child each year).

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