Why No Love for Incest?

Today, President Obama announced his support of gay marriage. This contradicts his stated position from the 2008 campaign when he said that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Upon hearing of his change of heart–and wondering what possible motivation there must be for this–I couldn’t help but wonder why he felt that marriage equality should stop with homosexuals. Why not extend the state-sanctioning of this supposed basic human right to other deviant variations of marriage as well.

Let’s talk about incest for a moment. You know, intercourse between people that are closely related such as brothers, sisters, and cousins. This would also include sexual relations between parents and their adult children. (For the sake of this discussion, I’m not including under-aged children) On what basis does the supporter of state-sanctioned gay marriage oppose the state-sanctioning of incest? The same arguments that people use to argue for the state-sanctioning of gay marriages also applies to relationships that involve incest. You know, the whole “two loving, committed adults” argument. What about the “what happens in the bedroom is none of your business” argument? Or the “you can’t legislate morality” argument? (Actually, we can and do legislate morality–in fact, most of our statutes are grounded in some kind of morality. But I digress.) You see, about the only thing a person can say about incest that could possibly put it in another category is the fact that children born out of incest have a higher rate of genetic disorders. But since the proponents of gay marriage are almost always proponents of legalized abortions of genetically disordered fetuses, that argument is pretty much rendered moot since the couple participating in incest could simply abort their blobs of tissue if any undesirable features were detected.

So we are at the root of the matter. Barack Obama is not going to lend his support to those who feel passionately about their brothers and sisters in ways that repulse the common American. There are no votes to be had here. In fact, Obama would most assuredly lose support. The small pocket of incest supports out there will just have to wait another day. And those beating the drum of state-sanctioned gay marriage, know this: your guy in the Oval Office does not truly care about your plight. If he actually cared about equal protection regarding unorthodox relationships, incest would be on the list. The arguments made for state-sanctioned gay marriage are identical to those made for state-sponsored incest. But they don’t offer enough votes to warrant his support. For now, heterosexual and homosexual couples who are not closely related are the only people deserving of state-sanctioned marriage.

I can’t believe I went on this long about gay marriage and incest without even mentioning the Bible. And we haven’t even talked about polygamy. But that’s for another day.

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