Are Voter ID Laws the Same As Poll Taxes?

I was listening to the Chris Krok Show on WBAP tonight while the subject of voter ID was being discussed by the host. A caller from my town of Little Elm called in to discuss why he opposed requiring people to show an ID prior to voting. His whole argument hinged on him equating voter ID laws to poll taxes. He stated multiple times that since ID cards are not free (they cost a whopping sixteen dollars and last six years), it’s no different than a poll tax.

Let’s examine the assertion that ID requirements are poll taxes. If I have to present an ID to…

  • purchase a firearm, is it a gun tax?
  • open up a checking account, is it a banking tax?
  • purchase liquor, is it an alcohol tax?
  • travel on a commercial airplane, is it a flight tax?

No other activity is regarded as being “taxed” when a valid, state-issued ID is required to be presented in order to participate in that activity. According to the caller from Little Elm (and most other liberals), voter ID laws are considered poll taxes. I have never, ever heard anyone refer to a gun tax, banking tax, alcohol tax, or flight tax simply because IDs are required. Liberals, if you are going to refer to voter ID requirements as poll taxes, please be consistent and start referring to the ID requirement at the local clubs you visit as “strip taxes.”

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  1. Up until the elections of 2010, the whole emphasis of everyone concerned was to make sure that everybody got the chance to vote. Now that The Right Wing has nothing to offer to America except “Cut, Whack, Eliminate and Take Away” the emphasis is on redistricting and voter ID laws so that there will be 5 million fewer votes to threaten the status quo in November. Everyone sees through this fiasco. America is not stupid!


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