Letter to My State Senator: Campus Carry

[Sent February 19, 2012]

Dear Ms. Nelson:

I recently moved to the DFW area and am trying to get to know my State Senator and Representative. I would like to know if you supported the recent bill that went into effect last September that allows employees to keep concealed firearms locked in their vehicles while in employer parking lots. Also, do you support legislation to allow those of us with CHLs to carry while on the premises of institutions of higher learning? (a.k.a. “Campus Carry”)

Thank you for your time.

Christopher M. Shaw

[Received March 16, 2012]

Dear Christopher:

Thank you for contacting me regarding my efforts to protect our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and welcome to Senate District 12!

During my time as a state senator, I have consistently supported our right to personal protection, which is guaranteed to us by the 2nd Amendment, and I oppose efforts to infringe upon it. Last session I co-authored SB 354, which sought to allow adults with a concealed handgun license to lawfully carry firearms on college campuses. I was disappointed that this measure, which allows university employees and students to defend themselves, did not pass into law. I also voted “yes” on SB 321, permitting individuals to have firearms or ammunition in a locked vehicle in employer parking lots. This bill passed the Legislature and took effect on September 1, 2011.

I will continue defending our Constitutional rights to self-protection. Please do not hesitate to let me know any time I may be of assistance to you.

Very truly yours,
Senator Jane Nelson

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