Can A ‘Wrongful Birth’ Be Lovingly Raised?

Child with Down's Syndrome

Imagine your four year-old comes up to you and asks, “Mommy, what’s a ‘wrongful birth?'” You respond, “Well, that’s what you are, Sweetie. You were my ‘wrongful birth.'”

That is what little Kalanit Levy will come to grips with some day. Kalanit (sometimes, I wonder why the parents bothered giving her a name) was born with Downs Syndrome. Her parents (and I only use the word in a biological sense) wished that she had never been born. That’s their argument, at least. Ariel and Deborah Levy argued in court that their daughter had been “wrongfully born” due to doctors’ error in prenatal tests. The jury sympathized with the couple and awarded the Levys $2.9 million.

The child will forever know that Mom and Dad were so disturbed by her birth that they felt the need to sue. Would this not be a case of psychological abuse? How can a child, especially one with special needs, grow up in a home where the parents publicly admitted their displeasure in their child’s birth? The parents in this case need to give Kalanit up for adoption. This solution will benefit both parties. The child can grow up in a home where she can feel loved and protected and the biological parents would no longer be burdened by this “wrongful birth.”

I’m all for compensation for when someone is injured, but what a horrible argument to make before God and everyone else that the “injury” sustained was the birth of little Kalanit Levy.

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