Obama’s Justice Department Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice struck down a Texas law that would require voters to provide a photo ID prior to voting. According to Thomas Perez of the Justice Department, the stated reason is that “Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver’s license or a personal identification card.” He is worried that Hispanics will be underrepresented by the new law.1

I would like to know if Mr. Perez is worried about all of the other things that these ID-less Hispanics cannot do—things like driving a car or getting on a commercial airplane. If one appears to be young, he or she will need ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes. A government-issue photo ID is even required to open up a checking or savings account. Finally, in a move that must be most troubling for liberals, the federal government requires everyone to provide a photo ID and submit to an FBI background check before purchasing a handgun. A person cannot exercise his or her Second Amendment right without a photo ID.

Critics of voter ID laws claim that requiring an ID poses an undue hardship on individuals. Is it an undue hardship to require even the poorest among us to obtain a driver’s license and insurance before driving a car to and from work? In Texas, a simple ID card costs $16.00 and is valid for six years. If the individual is 60 years old or older, the cost is only $6.00 and it does not expire.2 Here are a few things that cost less than a Texas Identification Card: a tank of gas, a carton of cigarettes, two movie tickets, a new video game.

Will the Obama Justice Department go after other ID-requiring activities? We don’t want those poor minorities to be disenfranchised. Mr. Perez might be shocked to learn that a person has to present a photo ID in order to obtain a concealed handgun license. Surely this unjust requirement presents an undue burden on Hispanics and other minorities. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, over 85% of all CHLs issued were issued to Whites/Caucasians. Are minorities being denied a fundamental right of self-defense because of the photo ID requirement? Maybe it is because of the $140 application fee. Who knows? We do know this: 1.3 percent of blacks had their CHL applications rejected last year while 0.4 percent of whites were rejected.3,4 Does it bother liberals that such a steep price may keep people from obtaining CHLs or that minorities’ applications are rejected at a high rate than whites? Of course not. The fewer citizens that own guns and carry them daily, the happier the Obama administration is.

Finally, critics of voter ID laws express concern that these laws are a solution in search of a problem. These so-called civil-rights activists claim that all is well with the voting process, but they negligently ignore America’s history of voter fraud. For example, Acorn, a left-wing operation, had its federal funding stripped away after it was caught engaging in various acts of voter fraud. Some of the alleged activities included illegal compensation, registering the deceased, and registering fictitious persons.5 Attempts at voter fraud have been happening for as long as people have been voting. Reasonable steps have been taken in Texas to preserve the integrity of our voting system. Just show a photo ID. Just like when you apply for a library card or write a check. This simple safety check inconveniences no one except those who wish to defraud our voting process.

Maybe the Democrat Party should state its real reason for vigorously opposing voter ID laws. Perhaps the election might be a little too close for comfort and they want all the fraudulent votes they can buy get.


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  1. Holder plays race card to block Texas voter ID law | Letting Freedom Ring

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