Luck Ahead of Griffin?

Both of these nimrods (who are actual Heisman voters) have Luck ranked higher than Griffin for the Heisman Trophy. One guy has Richardson as the winner, followed by Ball then Luck. The other has Luck as the winner, followed by Richardson then Griffin. I can understand putting either Ball or Richardson ahead of Griffin since the contrast is between RB and QB, which is an apples/oranges comparison and more subjective by nature than looking at two QBs. But Luck ahead of Griffin? Griffin beats Luck in every major statistical category…passer rating, TDs, total yards, yards per attempt, completion percentage, the list goes on.

Robert Griffin:
Completion %: 72.4
Passing Yards: 3,998
Passing TDs: 36
INTs: 6

Andrew Luck:
Completion %: 70
Passing Yards: 3,170
Passing TDs: 35
INTs: 9

In short, Griffin threw for more TDs, passed for more yards, and did it more efficiently than Luck. Griffin also rushed for 644 yards with nine TDs. Some people talk about how “valuable” Luck is to the Stanford team. These people fail to mention that Baylor was just a speed bump between Dallas and Austin before Griffin arrived. Griffin helped Baylor achieve its best record (9-3) in decades, beating rivals Oklahoma and Texas in the process.

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