Two Years Since the Fort Hood Shooting

Soldiers and civilians take cover during the shooting. US Army photo by Jeramie Sivley.

I just realized that last Saturday was the 2-year anniversary of the Fort Hood shooting. It is a tragic reminder of what can happen in “gun-free” zones. Even to this day, soldiers are still not allowed to carry firearms on post. All weapons are kept secured in arms rooms across the installation. The only thing that keeps another lunatic like Nidal Hasan from entering Fort Hood and going on another unopposed killing spree is the random car inspections performed at the entry points of the installation. Having worked on Fort Hood as a soldier and civilian, I can tell you that months can pass before your vehicle is chosen for inspection. And even this would not catch the person who keeps the weapon on his person or stashes it inside a seat cushion. This is not a call to implement TSA-style pat-downs and strip searches of everyone who enters or leaves post. Just allow the people who are obeying the law the means to defend themselves.

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