Why We Should Accept the Casey Anthony Verdict

It seems after informally reviewing comments on Facebook and Twitter, most people feel that Casey Anthony was guilty of murdering her child. In fact, most people feel so passionately about their view that many have expressed varying degrees of outrage at the jury’s verdict of not guilty.

Here is the main reason why we should all refrain from condemning the jury, judge, defense lawyers, and our justice system as a whole. While everyone in America kept tabs on this case through cable news, newspapers, blogs, social media, friends, and coworkers, the twelve jurors (and alternates) were allowed no external influence. No checking out FoxNews.com or CNN.com, no Facebook or Twitter, no David Letterman or Jon Stewart. Nothing. The only thing those jurors knew was the evidence presented in the courtroom. While our information gets filtered through what we hear and see in the media, the jurors hear and see only testimony and evidence.

If twelve jurors of Casey Anthony’s peers felt that there existed reasonable doubt regarding her guilt or innocence, then I must accept their judgement. Who is in a better position to determine her guilt or innocence other than God Himself? I’m okay with their verdict so long as the process was fair and untainted. Reasonable doubt does not mean that the accused did not commit the crime. It simply means that before the state deprives us of life or liberty, the highest standards must be met when proving guilt, even if a few truly guilty people slip through. I would rather a guilty person be set free than an innocent person be wrongfully convicted.

Remember that while that while you may feel that Casey Anthony is as guilty as sin, you probably did not watch every minute of testimony and observe every piece of evidence. The jurors did and that is why the Constitution guarantees the right to a trial by jury and not mob rule.

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  1. chunter

     /  July 5, 2011

    I wish I could say this as kindly as you have. Best wishes

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