BCS Title Game – Observations

Here are some admittedly biased observations from a Ducks fan after watching the BCS National Championship Game:

  1. Think of all of the crazy Auburn and Oregon fans that you know. Have any of them ever taken a single course at their respective school? I know I haven’t.
  2. From a size perspective, Auburn looked like a slightly undersized NFL team while Oregon looked like an oversized 5A high school team. Yet they matched up surprisingly well with a marginal edge going to the Tigers.
  3. Cam Newton didn’t have his best day. He threw an interception, lost a fumble, made several overthrows to wide-open receivers, and was bottled up for most of the game.
  4. Oregon tried way too many runs up the gut.
  5. I would have liked to see some more screen passes to LaMichael James in the middle of the field during the fourth quarter. This was pretty successful in the first half of the game.
  6. What was coach Kelly thinking trying to run up the middle with the ball on their own 1-inch line?
  7. Oregon employed a “bend but don’t break” philosophy on defense. With the size difference, that was their only hope.
  8. It was disappointing to see Oregon lose. But to lose on a fluke play where everyone thought the runner was down? It was almost unbearable.
  9. Nick Fairley lived up to his reputation as a dirty player.
  10. Nick Fairley has a good chance of being drafted second overall by my Denver Broncos. I don’t like his dirty play, but Denver desperately needs help on its defensive line.
  11. With Cam Newton and Nick Fairley going into the draft, I predict Auburn’s fate to be similar to that of Alabama’s. A good team that won’t be able to pull away from a tough SEC conference.
  12. With a lot of returning underclassmen (especially Thomas and James), Oregon will be a favorite to win its third consecutive PAC-10 championship (I guess it will be called PAC-12 next year). Oregon could even make another run for a spot in the BCS National Championship Game again.
  13. NCAA Division I college football needs a playoff system. Once again, a really good undefeated team got screwed–TCU.
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